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How on earth have Prince Andrew and Ghislaine been able to walk around without repercussions? How are they being protected?

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I’m 38, in a job I don’t really like but I’m good at it, I get a very good paycheck, my boss is nice, and there are great benefits. But...ugh, I don’t enjoy it at all and the industry I’m in isn’t great (textbook publishing, including digital products).

I came to the job after leaving my passion because it was obvious I couldn’t be the kind of parent I wanted to be while doing it, the environment was / is incredibly toxic, and I wanted to have kids and raise them near my family.

Everything worked out except I don’t enjoy my job AT ALL.

I’m in a small city and am at a loss as to where to go...there isn’t much around here that pays as well. Other jobs in my company either don’t pay as well or require more travel than I’m willing to do with children at home.

My passion was a bust.

My other passions (writing, teaching movement) are more like hobbies/ won’t support my family....

What would your advice me for someone like me?