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Liar liar plants for hire.

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Like when you cook sausage and the casing breaks?

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I've been to that page before. Now I remember. Never again.

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When I first showed my girlfriend Civ IV about a year ago she immediately recognized the song because she had to sing it in choir in high school. Did you ever think something like that would happen?

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Coke opposes them when they have to maintain territory between state lines with and without bottle bills with one facility. The distribution facility is responsible for the deposit even if the cans marked for deposit are sold in a non deposit state. That means for every can or bottle they sell in a non deposit state with deposit inventory they lose that 5c. It adds up. I work for an independent bottler and distributor and they actually wouldn't care either way with or without the bottle bill when it really comes down to it as long as it's the same in both areas.

You have to remember coke isnt one company in the US, its several when it comes to bottling and distribution and they're all independent.