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I work in healthcare and see the Baker Act misapplied pretty routinely. Sometimes even to just prevent a patient from leaving AMA when they pose no threat to themselves or others. Do you think it's time to revisit and reform the Baker Act?

I've thought about this before, but I don't think there is any political will for changing the law. It affects so few people and there is all this paranoia around preventing mass shootings.

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No! That is some Catch 22 shit! "You're free to go, but if you try to leave we'll place a legal hold on you"...

How does that make sense?

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False. delta-9 THC is converted to 11-hydroxy THC by the liver, which is a much stronger psychoactive compound. This, combined with the fact that your body still feels the effects of the delta-9 THC which compounds the effects of both, is the reason people get higher than they've ever been with edibles.

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Can you tell us about the light side of GMO science?

I feel that companies like Monsanto really give the field a bad name. What are some things that will be of benefit to our species on the horizon?

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Why do we love pop stars? Not just the catch hooks, but the costumes, the rumors, the mythology?

Why are we fascinated by romantic comedies and talk shows even when they insult our intelligence and contradict our politics?

Why do the lives of famous strangers seem so much more real than our own lives?