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I encountered some very strange third party sellers when using your site to track a smartphone for price drops last year. There were 2 or 3 accounts that appeared to be Chinese, and the only things they sold were high end electronics at huge discounts. The listings always disappeared quickly, and the accounts were many years old with just a couple 5-star reviews each, no activity since 2011 or 2012. It seemed too good to be true so I ignored them.

This AMA reminded me to check those accounts again. They are now filled with dozens of angry 1-star reviews from people who bought stuff over the holidays and never received their packages. Not sure if this was a very patient scammer who set up accounts in good standing years ago to rip people off way down the line, or if the accounts got hacked to take advantage of their good reviews.

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You really nailed the whole soundtrack as complement to gameplay. I've been listening to the preview on SoundCloud for months because it's also great coding music, but hearing it in the game now is even better. It will be perfect once the small freeze bug that comes when switching tracks is fixed.

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Thanks for the comprehensive reply! I wondered about the Atari license, it's too bad to hear it was a matter of necessity and not so much a good partnership. It still turned out as a pretty damn good game, in my opinion.

Just now I discovered the hidden Atari levels on the DS version - I'll probably be working my way through those on the go when I'm not home playing N++!

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Congrats on the launch! I broke the DS version of N+ out of storage today to reminisce - it looks and plays even better on 3DS with the larger screens and the joystick!

Two questions:

  1. What made you stick to the design philosophy of never allowing the ninja to fight back? The helplessness puts focus on platforming and creates amazing tension, but did you ever experiment with giving the player a weapon?

  2. How involved were you in the ports for mobile versions? Because I loved it on DS, but I can tell compromises were made (less accurate enemy collision, for one).

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I got the impression from other comments you made that it was more of a technical problem with latency - you're saying you think that could be overcome with enough time and resources?