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Yes. I can also imagine the cat doing a number of different actions and making different sounds as well. I could create a pretty clear "video" of what the cat would be doing as if I was watching YouTube.

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Do you think having aphantasia is better than having an overactive imagination? I often catch myself weaving in and out of my imagination land where full events take place. Conversations are had, characters are made, backgrounds too. Everyday my gf catches me daydreaming and she says "what are you thinking about" so I'm pulled back into reality and I tell her about some silly thoughts. Some are funny, and some are very dark. I can't physically stop myself from doing this, especially when I'm bored or tired. My whole body goes on autopilot and I can't hear or see anything else until I come back. If someone speaks to me when I'm reading anything, even a Reddit post, it's very hard to hear them because I'm focused on the content and creating a mental image. All of these things have been effecting me more lately, especially when my gf showed me some pictures she took while I was daydreaming...I look horrendous. I have thought about taking medicine to help me, too. I think I'd rather have aphantasia. Thoughts?