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Do you think a united Syria is the most desirable outcome of the war, or do you think some kind of federation would have ensured more stability?

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Still a very low death rate, compared to basically any other country. Do you have any idea why that is?

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But did you have a higher amount of beds and ventilators for the serious cases, than for example Italy or Spain? Did you develop some sort of treatment that other countries aren't adopting? Was the age of the infected lower than in other countries?Where I'm trying to get is: how can we avoid what's happening in Italy? They have a 7% death rate and it's probably still climbing.

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So, correct me if i understood it wrong, you managed to keep older people from catching it at all?

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I'm thinking of offering a house my family owns to receive a family of refugees. If the Portuguese council for refugees assigns a family to my house, what are my responsibilities towards this family? Am i supposed to give house, pay bills and provide sustenance for the family?