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Let's make some of that come true and upvote u/Drunken_Economist post to the top!

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Incidentally, the Los Angeles riots occurred on one of the hottest days of that year.

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Hello and congratulations on your first year! I've been in the cable business for about 6 years, 3 in sales and tech support 3 in their network Operations Center and I find this very interesting. So here's a few questions I have about your experience:

  • How impacted by sports blackouts on local and sports channels of national events and games?
  • Ad insertion seems like a royal pain in the ass for local content, have you had any issues on that or do you perceive running. I to those problems with expansion?
  • I saw that you work with Coax, are you strictly coax or are you Hybrid Fiber Coax? (HFC for anyone one else)
  • do you plan on getting into Fiber at all in at least a commercial level with growth or do you not see the need yet?
  • Does you business work with digital set top boxes and if so, are you IP based video gear( my company provides video through RF and CMTSs)?
  • what's the general attitude your customers have towards you/your company since you've purchased and run it over the year? Has it changed at all, better or worse?

  • being a small company have you dealt with damaged coax(or Fiber if you're HFC) and what's your response time for plant repairs and maintenance, and how much of that do you do yourself?

  • do you rely mostly on contractors or do you prefer in house employment? ( my company relies on contractors in low interest areas and for seasons of brief influx of need of man power to protect in house jobs.)

Thanks for doing this AMA and again congratulations on the company and good fortune to you and your family!

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FWIW, people attribute movement towards a better mental health and healing to good novels or a particularly moving film. I don’t see how video games aren’t able to do the same thing.

Don’t be embarrassed about it :)

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Possible follow up, what state are you located?