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We all perceive the world differently - I totally understand Peter's feelings. Having stalked him for almost 5 years, we have been through to a lot together - I consider Peter a good friend. Cutting down 5 years footage into 85 min is a painful process. I made a conscious decision to make a pretty dark film. But with the diverse and often funny footage I had, another filmmaker might just as well have made a comedy. When you try to tell the strongest story possible you prioritize - cut away that joke, edit out that prank, leave the part where he is sick. To me the verdict against TPB is also a verdict against me - as a filmmaker and a filesharer. I hope that my story will make the audience feel rather than think. I also hope Peter agrees that a happy Hollywood end would suck.

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Duplication and theft are two totally different concepts. I think it's sad that people still mix up taking something away from someone with making an identical copy of something.

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No, actually not. I've just had a hard time getting interviews with some of them.

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The Shining cause it still makes me scared.

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No, I went to law school. In filmmaking I'm self taught, so to speak, because I learned from working with a few brilliant people. My next film is about a homeless Japanese man in a park in Tokyo.

My biggest influence is my mom.