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How was Reddit viewed at Digg? Did it change over time, from "Yawn, yet another Digg imitator" to "Hey, these guys are getting big" to "RED ALERT, this site is about to kill us"?

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The fact that that one word answers all of our questions about the gif says something about both the non-Japanese world and Japan. I'm not sure what it says, but it says something.

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Given your service with the border guard, what, if anything, changed during and after the Ukraine/Russia crisis?

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Business publications run humorous articles as often as any other type. Dow Jones' Wall Street Journal, for example, for years ran a stockpicking contest in which professional money managers competed against stocks selected by throwing darts randomly. Its weekend edition, which features many "lifestyle" stories, often publishes charts that satirize the well-known Dow Jones stock indexes; the "Dow Jones Summer Sandals Index", for example, might be a list of the best women's sandals for beach season.

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You foolishly assume that World Wide Wes' influence can be measured in a mere number.

He is eveywhere. (Yes, even at the Pacers-Pistons brawl!)