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This article touches upon that a bit.

Q: Was it satisfying to come back to HBO for your new special? Does FX mind sharing you with others?

A: One of the reasons I did the last special that way is because nobody wanted it. But this time HBO came to me. And I had this great situation because I didn’t need anybody. So everything that I asked for, they let me have. HBO is the Yankees of stand-up comedy specials, and it’ll be good for FX. What HBO is doing to promote this stuff is beyond anything. They’re going to have a giant billboard on Sunset Boulevard. I’m going to be in Times Square. I’m going to be on buses. It’s making me a little sick.

Q: And HBO will let you do an online release of “Oh My God” later in the year?

A: Another reason I was willing to do it there was because I had told them I have to be able to sell it on my site. At first HBO was like, “We can’t do that.” And I said, “Well, let’s not do it then.” The power I had was to be able to keep saying: “I’ll do it myself. I do not need you.” They took a while on that one."

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On her website, she mentions this moment.

Edit: This moment seems relevant as well.

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Are you afraid that this evolution will ultimately lead to a very different type of NFL? One with abnormally high scores and very little defense/hitting?

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  1. How did you get the Whose Line gig?
  2. Does it pay as well as other TV acting/writing jobs? (i.e. six figures per year)? And do you still get royalties?