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Hey Nguyen, it's Kyle from back when you were at the downtown lunch spot. Just wanted to say thanks for the "it made me kick a hole in the wall" Taiwanese pork chop. Sorry for not making it up, because I moved and...well, LA is far.

Ever thought about opening a spot in the OC, and when are you going to offend all the people with lederhosen and signs asking people to eat your balls?


Costa Mesa wouldn't be so sore thumb-ish, btw.

And yeah, Bruxie is cool and we do have 2 Santouka spots!


I've only had some stuff my friend brought back from Beijing to drink "as a dare." It was apparently the total cheapest shit you can buy out there, and tasted like a combo of hate, sadness, and despair.

I live in the US, and really want to try what good stuff tastes like. Do you know of any companies that import the good stuff? It sounds interesting, but the bad stuff was worse than well tequila.