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Wow, way cool! I’ve been interested in busking for a while now and hope to hit the streets soon. Really curious about your doc, looks like it’s been very well edited too. Nice job! On to the q’s:

In your journey, what were some prominent themes in the street musicians stories?

Any tips for planning a euro street performance tour of my own?

Finally, what is the general follow-up plan? You record them, release film, release the cd(s), and then...?

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27 world class acts, an album and film almost already done? Pure gold.

Well, as is I’m sure your efforts will have significant positive impact on the artists for years to come already. Thanks again for sharing your work.

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Thanks for the response! Just finished watching the playlist, and gotta say each one really holds a special charm. You did a fantastic job capturing a glimpse into their world.

One day when my health is good enough to travel I’ll make the trip happen.

One thing about money I might suggest is linking the artist’s Patreon in your video descriptions, or helping them get on it if they’d want to try. Your movie sounds like a solid chance to get strangers across the globe to fund the musicians directly. Seems like the kind of thing I might want to throw some cash at if I were a brand manager at big P...