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Based on this caption describing the picture from website of origin:

Here's a different picture my wife took. And here's one of me recreating what would happen if Drew Carey tried to pawn these off on The Price Is Right.

I would say this clears it up.

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What would you do if you said that to someone's wife and he got up and punched you in the face, knocking you out, and then took over the mic and entertained the crowd for a solid 45 seconds at your expense until he was seized by security? Not that I've seen that happen.

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How often do yall talk? Is his jailhouse close to you? I didn't take time to read all the details.

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That's so embarrassing. See one of your buds. Hey man whatcha been up to? Oh I joined the so-and-so accounting firm. You? Oh nothing, I dress in a g string and an apron and let wenches cart me around like a whore. Cool man, catch up soon.

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You keep referring to hydro, I don't know what that means in this context.