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Hello BBI,

I'm an RTS fanatic, and I've long considered Homeworld to be an absolute pinnacle of the genre. HW and HW2 were so incredible, undeniably ahead of their time and are absolutely stunning, brilliant works of art. DOK maintains this standard of excellence.

What makes DOK stand above any RTS release I can recall in recent history is the extremely polished, tactically deep, exciting gameplay and combat. This game has such wonderfully nuanced multiplayer gameplay that it's not hard to imagine it developing a vibrant multiplayer scene or even becoming an e-sport, but whether that happens or not I suspect will depend heavily on the features and support provided for the title post-release.

  • What plans do BBI and Gearbox have for supporting the multiplayer experience and ensuring its health going into the future in light of concerns over features and functionality at release?

  • Are there any plans to improve the situation with regards to region fragmentation in matchmaking?