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Have you ever seen the video where the 911 operator hangs up at the girl with the potty mouth?

Obvious question - what do you think of that? What would happen if you hung up on a 911 call? What's the protocol in your department for that sort of thing?

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Neil Strauss just backed up reddit's ever-present "don't stick your dick in crazy" advice.

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That's really easy. You obviously marry Anniston, fuck Furtado and kill Madonna.

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Meddling is not something one can "try" or "attempt" in this context. Either they meddled or they didn't. They may have tried to affect the outcome of the election. They may have tried to divide Americans with a misinformation campaign. They may have tried to create a chaotic political landscape. But they certainly meddled regardless of efficacy.

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That's why they don't get their own glocks, they all have to share one.