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This happened to me when i was buying my first car. it got to the point where I was yelling at the salesman to give me my keys back. They threatened to call the police because I was making a scene. I told them to go ahead because they had stolen my keys. Fuck that place.

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Yeah...that was ten years ago. I'd like to think I'm much wiser now.

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Also have over ninety 10-codes memorized though they are not really allowed to be used anywhere anymore, but some older officers find that a hard habit to break.

Why? And what has replaced 10-codes?

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When it happens again (and it most likely will), be sure you go at the first sign of pain and mention at the ER that you think it may be a collapsed lung. They should get you a chest XRay immediately and get the tube in.

The corrective surgery is excruciating (especially if it is a chemical pleurodesis) but it's worth it. I had both sides done in one go and haven't had any collapses since (well, any major ones...I still get bubbles sometimes). Did the doctor mention anything about not flying in non-pressurized aircraft and not scuba diving?

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I also suffer from spontaneous pneumos. I can pretty much self-diagnose at this point and when I walk into an ER and say "collapsed lung" they have a chest tube in within 20 minutes. I had a pleurodesis (sp) and now I only get the bubbling feeling and ~5% collapse. The surgery was done to both side of my chest at the same time and the recovery was agonizing, but at least I don't have to have any more chest tubes!

Fun fact, these are not caused (directly) by smoking and generally happen to tall skinny white males and also 18-25 year old women during menstruation. In my case, they are a symptom of Marfan Syndrome, which also affected Abraham Lincoln.