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Issue 100 of the Walking Dead was one of my favorite bits of writing I have ever had the please of experiencing.

Everything about it was perfect.

The build up of "Negan" and how everyone just figured this was some weird pushover cult - especially after Rick just wastes his crew in their initial encounter. The Survivors think they are on top of the world and suddenly the rug is pulled out from under them. You keep expecting some sort of Dues Ex to save them as they are all lined up. You get Negans epic speech. You get to watch as a character who's been around since Issue 2 get their fucking skull bashed in full glory. Everyone is emotionally gutted, including the audience. Where does our group go from here?

I had to set the comic down because it felt so shitty, but it was sooooooooo goddamn good.

*My question is this: what the fuck was the Season 6 dumpster-fire-abortion of a finale?* You had a perfect script already in place but instead we get a cheap ratings grab with no emotion payoff at all. This could have been TWD's "Red Wedding" TV moment, but its all ruined. There will be no emotional impact when we find out who died come Season 7. The whole point of the scene is to witness uncensored, undivided brutality, and it serves as an eye-opening experience to the characters and the audience. Why did they throw it all away?

Not only that, but when the fans (comic and show alike) are outraged afterword about the terrible writing - all build up and zero delivery - the shows producers were calling us immature children and "It's a gift to the fans! Something 'fun' for us all to talk about for the next seven months!" That is beyond insulting to a loyal fanbase that cares about the quality and story of the show. I actually feel like a fucking idiot for hyping people up for Negan and getting people so excited for that finale before hand.

*Second question: Who's idea was the shitty Goldeneye 64 blood running down the screen after beating the cameraman to death? *

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So what the fuck do we do? We all see the unhinged nut job in the White House. If his steroid brain tells him to send out a nuke we all just die and that's it?

What the fuck. Thanks. Now I am having an existential crisis.

This is the great filter.

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Hi. OP here. If its not a ratings grab, then why keep pushing the "oh but you'll find out in Season 7! Tune in!" Well if it wasn't a ratings grab it was just bad writing then - and I'm not sure if that's a better excuse quite frankly and not a promising reason to tune back in.

You don't end a song during the crescendo, you don't end a play before the climax, you don't pull out before blowing your load, why would you end a finale before any meaningful resolution?

Edit: Also, the "shitty" was referring to the horribly bland and immersion break blood effect, not Goldeneye, which I love.

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so your excuse for a shitty season 6 is: "but wait theres more! come see season 7 please we PROMISE it wont be more cheap rating cash grabs!"

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