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"We're backed by science!"

"Where are the studies?"

"We just got a grant to do them."

"So... not backed by science yet? This reeks of bullshit, but I hope not."

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I just want to say we had an awesome SRO. I didn't interact with him much, but it seems everybody liked and respected him. He lifted weights with us in gym, played some off-duty bball with us and some other teachers, and built some great rapport all around.

My favorite story is when he had gone along with a senior prank. He put 3 (smart but not risk averse) seniors in handcuffs and took them to the principal's office. It was a couple weeks before graduation, and he told her that he had to arrest them for drug possession. One of them was the even the superintendent's son. She cried with joy when they revealed it was all a farce.

Anyways, I think he had a great time as an SRO, I hope you can get an experience like that too.

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We all know Les would simply serenade them with his sweet harmonica etudes and lull them to sleep. Then he could steal the food, a radio, and stalk away into the night.

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I wonder if that first quote is a little out of context. Sometimes an operating assumption should assume a worse case scenario to make sure you have enough resources for a normal scenario + complications?

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College textbooks are a good target because it comes straight out of the student's own pocket. But what about K-12 school textbooks? Those are also way overpriced and marketed through a system that is largely seen as corrupt or at best filled with cronyism. This is a huge drain on the already faltering and limited education funding.

Do you guys see yourselves expanding into improving that system in the future? Do you know of any organizations that are promising in that arena?