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I took my 8 year old son to see Valerian, and we both really loved it. I was disappointed that the film didn't connect with American audiences, because I thought it was great fun.

Can you tell us what might have been in store for these characters in the sequel? Is there an ark that you had hoped to play out in the next film or films?

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I really loved the 3D used in Valerian. It was some of the best 3D I have ever seen.

Why are they not releasing a 3D Blu-Ray of the film in the US?

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I think this is short sighted on TV manufacturers part. 3D movies are still being made, and with no way to project them at home now, whoever adds it back might have a hot seller.

It's a bummer, for sure. Especially since implementing 3D technology for newer TV is mostly a software issue. The hardware is more capable than ever before.

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Holy shet! I are a dumb ars!

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Yes, arc. Brain fared on that, haha.