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Doug! Man! We've talked a couple of times. Your work has been inspiring...

Honestly, I'm surprised that you're still working on Seeker. I applaud your choice in design. I think the Junk hull and sail plan is among the best for short-handed crew, comfort, and safety.

Where did you pick up the hull lines? It's hard to find Junk plans laying around...

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refusal to see primary care

That's a complicated statement.

I'm not doubting your diagnosis. I'm suggesting that you're witnessing symptoms of a greater problem: no education as to what requires emergency care; failing to streamline professional paths to licensure; refusing to allow "barefoot" type workers in underserved communities; intentional rationing of health care; limited access to primary care.

I.e. American capitalism

Also, the p uprofession (like all professions today) appears unwilling to reconstruct the practice. The licensure/training requirements are choking you. Training new professionals takes too long. So many people need help and so few people can help them. Professional trade groups are partially responsible.

We should consider that the traditional hierarchies are causing more harm than good.