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It is not just big cat people, it is horse people, dog people, cat people.

Most Animal people who breed animals are fucking crazy.

You could do a similar doco on horse people see Natalie Cepenuik from Australia, she is just as unhinged and criminal as anyone on this fucking show.

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This, this whole thing is just a bunch of scumbags, no one in this doco isn’t a fucking scumbag.

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Here’s one for you and thanks for answering our questions.

About 15 months ago I started to suffer shortness of breath.. well some days I just could take a satisfying, complete deep breath. I was concerned and went to the drs, they took my O2 level and said they can’t imagine anything wrong with me as everything seemed ok. 3 drs told me the same that it was “anxiety” but I wasn’t anxious at the time and I get it still 1-2 times a week and usually I’m not anxious or stressed.

So my question is is there a way I can train myself out of this if it is psychosomatic?

Thanks again.

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Ok thank you. As I said 3 doctors have told me the same thing. O2 levels were very high. The only thing different is that I started CPAP 4 or 5 months before. It comes and goes like for instance, I’m perfectly fine right now and feel normal. It is so strange.