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If you can't do a Survivor with Canadians, how about a season IN Canada? We have some beautiful, remote areas up here.

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I can say that it must be REALLY rare to have a dislocation years later. I had Lasik 3 years ago (went from 20/200 in my left eye and 20/80 in my right to 20/13 in both), and have not had a single problem., except for mild night halos if I'm tired. I went through a bad reaction to a roommate's cat about 6 months ago and was constantly rubbing my eyes really hard, without even thinking there might be a problem, and luckily there wasn't.

And thank you for giving people back the gift of sight. When I was in the recovery area after my surgery, I watched a young man walk in to get his surgery (don't know if it was for Lasik or something else). He had a white cane and had his wife and two young children with him. I heard him tell her that he couldn't wait to see her and his kids perfectly for the first time and that if she's a quarter as beautiful as he imagines she is, it will be worth it. A while later he came out, looked at his wife and kids and started crying. He said she was more beautiful than he could have imagined and that their children were the most beautiful children he'd ever seen. The nurse had to quickly teach all of us there how to cry without damaging our eyes post op.

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I'm a minister through the UCL as well. Going on 3 years now :)

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What was the most surprising thing you saw in North Korea that didn't make it on film?

What did you want to film but couldn't?

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No question here, but just wanted to say that a few years ago I ended up buying one of your Chevy Suburbans up here in Canada. Up until the day we sold it, we were still finding sand in new places in that thing lol