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The alternative to relying on those sources is having the budget to do the legwork yourself, or to pay a third party to do it for you. While I do think that’s the better option, media outlets just don’t have the spare budget for that sort of thing anymore.

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Because the entire country profited from coal mining, and the resulting free energy. Most places saw better returns from that than wear Virginians did. Socializing the gains and privatizing the losses to just the citizens of West Virginia is equivalent to saying "we know you paid for our stuff, but now you can fuck off and clean up the mess we asked you to make. Maybe if you're really nice we'll give you some superfund money for the worst bits."

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American Christian values and labor organizing,

Wait, what? That’s not a set of things I normally see together, could you expand on that a bit?

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He said it's a great topic. That would indicate he has thought about it for the show.

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Depth changes cost time and vehicle power, while video relays are nowhere near as good as being there. From a science perspective you get a lot of time back if you can start near where you want to work. The same applies to most work you might want to do underwater.

On the other hand, there isn't a lot of call for this sort of thing in any one specific location, so your money would be better spent on something more mobile.