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Let's drink a beer to all the assholes who don't think the USA needs a national health care system and have done all they can to hobble the one we do have. Cheers, assholes!

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More most likely, at the discount rate, they make a small profit on the pizza then a large profit on the anticipated drinks and other add ons.

The incremental dollar profit should always be welcome.

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"Was" roofer.

Now in therapy.

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Sorry it it has been asked, but were any of the girls younger than 18?

I ask because it is common in trafficking to enslave younger girls. And, in a related report Mr. Kraft was regularly seen at nightclubs with "young looking" asian girls.

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How, if at all, does former long-time Trump accountant Allen Weisselberg figure in to the evidence collecting? It's been about a year since Allen was granted immunity for his help, but I've seen scant mention of him in the news since then.