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Synereo is building a complete decentralized tech-stack, capable of running all forms of decentralized applications. The "end game", if you will, is an Internet independent of centralized servers and central point of control. The social layer of this tech stack - Synereo's social network - is one such application, accompanied by many more, currently developed by our partners and community. We believe that a decentralized internet will eventually out-compete the current centralized paradigm, together with the incumbent players currently dominating it

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There are various differences. Synereo's social network is truly decentralized, not like the delegated POS blockchain, employed by steemit - which also lacks a distributed storage solution. Synereo's complete tech stack 2.0 includes all faculties needed for decentralized computation, including a turing complete blockchain, distributed storage and smart contracts - which can't be said about steemit.

Furthermore, steemit provides a fairly simple content stream, without regard to subjective networks. Synereo, in contrast, provides content distribution algorithms modeled after the workings of neural networks - allowing you to access information most relevant to you. Synereo's Attention Economy model ensures that you're compensated for your attention to the degree to which you influence your surrounding network. A feature fairly underdeveloped on Steemit. Synereo also provides a Sybil resilient reputation system, which cannot be manipulated by moneyed influence, contrary to Steemit.

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We regard Ethereum as our close partners, allies and friends. We have been, and still are, collaborating on various levels, including the Casper design - serving both the Ethereum blockchain, as well as Synereo's tech-stack 2.0

You can view our conversations here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsMIFzUId4x-rGmX-Jrg8wtvTR1BYwvKb

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Synereo's next-gen blockchain is based on the Casper proof of stake design, and makes block validation much cheaper and faster - Synereo nodes will not be bound to complete wasteful POW calculations in order to participate in the validation process, rendering the process much more accessible. Thanks to this mode of operation, the Synereo blockchain doesn't waste resources on raising difficulty, but is free to invest the resources, provided by nodes, in running the network itself - making it faster and much more efficient.

Furthermore, there are additional sources of AMP value about which you can learn here - https://blog.synereo.com/2016/09/14/amp-a-cryptocurrency-with-inherent-value/

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Reach and visibility on Synereo are not solely "controlled by the use of amps". The organic reach of your content depends on how much your network is interested in you. If you create content that other people find useful, it organically spreads through the system. Further more, if you organically attract attention, you're in the position of earning AMPs, provided by promoted content reaching you - which you then can spend on further promoting your own.