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10 years since it started, not since it ended.

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You gotta eat big to be big.

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You're not really running vanilla Android in the strictest sense because you are not running an untouched Android image from AOSP. The Nexus come with stock OS which includes the Google framework. Therefore privacy is pretty much non-existent. Even if you download the stock image from AOSP for your Nexus device, Google as injected their apps into it ever since they took over the project. However you can remove them before installation.

To gain more privacy you would need to run a ROM without Google framework, and taking that a step further you could run Replicant. However, the latter has very limited hardware selection.

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Why did you pick the RN path instead of becoming a paramedic and staying in EMS? It seems like the EMT -> RN path is very common, or at least highly desired, and I've wondered why.

You seem too young, but I'll ask anyway if you've ever watched E.R., and if so, what do you think is the most inaccurate depictions from that show? What are the main influences in your life that led you to work in emergency medicine?

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The most private mobile platform would be Replicant. However no mobile phone would ever be completely private due to the ISP.