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I learned a lot of these things (except #5 ;__;) from good ol' Space Cadet on XP, but when I was first exposed to physical machines less than a year ago... I suck. Horribly. Surely there is something deeper! Or is it just practice and sense of smell? Or is it just that much harder on a physical machine?
Please forgive me I'm sure you hate the references by now.

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In some of your comments, you mention how you're friends with the IPs. When did you meet them, like before or after the decision was made so surrogate? Did you get to "choose" them, or did they "choose" you? What do you think you would have done if they were total dickweeds?

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I'd say "yes", but in my area it's pretty dry (especially recently), so I'm legitimately worried that some fireworks gone wrong will set a neighbour's house on fire. In this case, they're willfully putting others and others' property in danger.

Edit: I've also seen mortars launched by small children, no more than 8, within my town which bans even sparklers. I'd really like to not worry about news reports of "Kid's hand blown off by Murica Day Celebrations".