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Sydneii-la18 karma

I've been very close with someone for about five years now, but I've always suspected that he wasn't who he said he was. We text, tweet, IM, e-mail and he's sent me things in the mail... but no phone calls. Do you suppose that after this long it's just time to forget about him and move on? I guess I'm just tired of feeling like I'm being played.

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Every time I bring it up, he either ignores the subject all together or gets irritated with me like I'm nagging or something. The sensible part of my brain has always said that he's not who he pretends to be, but the girly, hopeless romantic part of me tries to hang on to whatever bits of positive proof I can. I guess I've just been incredibly irritated by the whole thing for the last couple of years.

Sydneii-la1 karma

I have had that discussion with him a few times. It actually so happens that last year he had promised me that he would be coming here for my graduation. I told him that if he broke his promise, I'd stop talking to him for good. That would be the last straw for me. He was supposed to buy his plane ticket in March. I kept asking if he'd done it yet. He hadn't. April came and suddenly he stopped answering my texts and e-mails. We still haven't spoken. (And obviously he broke his promise) I still talk to his cousin on a daily basis who I've talked to on the phone and seen on webcam. I have even accused her of creating him... it's all a mess. I've been pretty torn up about it lately.