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Sycon10 karma

First off: love you guys and have since I first discovered the service many years ago! I'm a sucker for custom minis.

Now with the launch of color printing I've had a few questions since backers started getting early orders:

  1. The quality of color prints throughout the early access has seemed to improve quite a bit. What went into that process? I'm trying to understand what changed to enable better prints given that the core technology was the same.

  2. One of the weak points to date are "shiny" materials. I know it was stated that shiny materials are done via color shading. I've seen online the ability to 3D print with shiny materials. Is this something we can look forward to in the near (<5 years) future or is there a bigger limitation with regards to materials and printing techniques that needs to be overcome?

Sycon5 karma

Thanks :) I'm very hopeful that we'll be able to see metallic and even translucent ink in the future.

As someone who has hand problems that make mini painting painful, color printing is amazing.