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Sycnus3 karma

Lynn, I've never had the pleasure of meeting you, but I do have a poster you signed for me via a friend that hangs very prominently in my office. I show my two girls the picture often when they complain they can't do something or it is too hard.

You were and still are an inspiration for me and a generation of climbers.

I know you have a strong history in leading, and please don't see this question as any attempt to start up a flame war on bolting vs not... we've seen and been through all that...

Do you feel that our modern day bolting methods in 100 years are going to make us look like we were horrible stewards of our crags? I know there are bolts that can last a long time, but I'm afraid we are doing tremendous damage to classic areas (both Big Wall and local sporty crags) that our children's children will regret and loathe our actions.

Thanks for your answer if you get a chance to.

Be well!