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I'd like to share how much I love the fact that you know about this.

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A recent change and a good one that needs expanding.

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Halfway through cooking, add a mix of maple syrup, Dijon mustard (preferably with seeds) , and a splash of soy sauce. If you marinate / add at the beginning of cooking it will usually burn the sugar in the syrup. If you go with a real low and slow cook you might get away with it but I haven't tried yet.

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I bailed after the first epileptic fits back in the mid ‘00s. Those fits are starting here in Switzerland now but there isn’t many places left to run to :/

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Not op, but we went through a similar experience with my dad when he died (fairy young). They called it “ICU delirium” there, and was exacerbated by having been on milk of amnesia for a significant amount of time.

Unfortunately he never really came out of it, but his body was seriously failing him (cancer, kidneys, facing double leg amputation).

But the nurses and doctors talked about it constantly and considered it normal, and had his prognosis been better I’m confident it would have been a temporary hurdle. Very hard to go through when a loved one is doing things / saying things they normally wouldn’t. He was convinced we were hacking his laptop (story for another day) and that a Native American doctor was trying to kill him (they had no one matching that description on staff, doctor or otherwise).

Keep in mind the ICU is hell. The noise literally never, ever stops. Something is always beeping, your neighbour is dying. Lights everywhere. 24/7. I think that’s enough to fuck anyone up temporarily after a few days. I’ve had a severe bout of insomnia before and I can guarantee I wasn’t myself.

Best of luck to you and your husband. Seek help if you need it. I did :)