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Join the union.

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That is incredibly different than what a SMR would be, especially in terms of power output and fuels.

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Tim Horton's hasnt been Canadian content for a while...

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Lol this is so cringy. But the jack of all trades comment couldn't be left alone. How do you get a millwrong to suck a dick? Tell him it's another trades job. Lol. What the definition of a millwright? A guy that hangs out with tradesman. And industrial millbilly at that lol.

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Will heavy water reactors make a come back as a supplier of tritium for new fusion reactors as that technology progresses? Or is heavy water over?

Edit to add: New (2000 or so) CANDU 6 reactors are designed to be able to burn old fuel however have never been utilized, will we ever see them or is the cost to build not worth it compared to cost of disposal?

Most old fuel bundles still have most of their energy potential, are there plans ever to refine old bundles to access the rest of that energy?

I also work in nuclear, started out as a steamfitter and now as radiation protection so I get all the emails about this stuff but can't always get time with the health physicist to play 20 questions.