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One thing I like about you is that you're always trying to bring new, aspiring comics to the public's eye. Who are some of the comics we don't know and should be YouTubing right now?

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The USPTO this year changed their policy from "First to Invent" to "First to File." If you have a signed, dated drawing that shows you invented it first, show it to someone, and they file a patent on it before you, they own it and you have no claim (and would be infringing if you produced it).

Get a lawyer to draw up an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and send it over to the legal team at the company you're in discussions with. It should cover that they are not allowed rights to the information you disclose to them in meetings and, likewise, you are not allowed rights to the information they disclose to you in meetings. If they file a patent on your idea, they are in violation of the NDA and you should easily win that case.

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So your background, and real niche in the show, is definitely product oriented rather than service driven. I'm 28, hold 3 patents (4th pending), and have a "failed" LLC on the side (not severely red, but unlikely to ever get to the black).

I believe my issue was underestimating the market for my product(s). The market research I did was very much forum based to gather pre-orders from my target group and spread general exposure and excitement about the product. When my product finally was ready for sale, only about 15% actually put their credit cards down and bought in.

When you see a product or an idea, how do you go about figuring out your projections. You're now famous for your "hero or zero" mantra, but can you quantify that feeling in some logical path?

Thanks, and great to have you here!