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well that didnt take long to take down..

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I've always wanted to try an open mic night. Im a bisexual trans military member. Not to be vain but I've got a lot of fucked up stories and i joke around pretty much constantly in my day to day.

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I'm trans and in the canadian military. It's important to keep in mind that while its listed as a mental illness because it effects the brain its not in the same ballpark as say schizophrenia. In the first trimester your sex is determined and its not until the 3rd your brain does. What happens is your brain doesn't get the right hormones and develops different from your sex. Transitioning is simply correcting a birth defect. Also it's not that your more effective being trans, it just doesn't hinder performance. Or shouldn't in any case. Many have other things going on through a lifetime of abuse or what not. I'm not more effective, why would I need to be compared to someone else? I'm just as effective. But even that's not much of a milestone, since there's a lot of people of varying degrees of ability it makes it a moot point. I personally think it should be case by case, as with most things. If your performance is lacking or you fall behind then you should get the boot. But it's the military. Anyone that's served knows the ridiculous amount of down time you get to pretty much do nothing, depending on job.

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Tried to post this but it's not a question so I'll hijack the parent comment. I don't know if youll see this but my brother died in 95 due to having hydrocephalus, Arnold chiari syndrome and spina bifida. He had over 50 as his body rejected the surgeries time and time again. He was 5. I'm sorry you've had to go through this I know how hard it can be on you and your family.

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No problem. Any other questions feel free. I dont know everything but I try to stay current.