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[Disclaimer: If any of these questions are too painful, weird, or personal for you to answer, you can just skip over them — I realize I’m kind of nosy sometimes! Due to my autism I have difficulty gauging what is/isn’t appropriate to ask someone, so I apologize in advance if I was rude.]

1) What was your school like? Did you enjoy it? What was your favorite subject?

2) Tell me about your hometown. What did it look like? What kinds of things did you mostly see there? Anything you liked/disliked about it?

3) What civil war occurred during your teenage years?

4) Did you have a specific reason/motivation for joining the British army?

5) I noticed your last name is Budha Magar — I’m actually trying to research Magar culture for a story I’m writing (three of my characters are ethnic Magar Nepalis who were raised in England and move to the US as teenagers). Do you have any suggestions on specific things in Magar and/or Nepali culture that I should be researching to write my characters well? Do you have any suggestions for someone who wants to write a Magar Nepali-English character? (More specifically, is there anything I should definitely do and/or avoid doing when writing a Magar character? I don’t want to validate any negative stereotypes, and I don’t want the characters to be missing something that’s really important in Magar culture. Also if there’s anything you specifically want to see in my characters, please tell me!)

6) You can skip over this if it’s not appropriate to say on social media, but what exactly do the Gurkhas do? What’s their motivation/goals?

7) Are you religious? If so, what’s your religion? (If it doesn’t have a name, feel free to just describe it in as much detail as you want.)

8) How is the UK different from (or similar to) Nepal?

9) Do you see a lot of animals in the mountains? If so, which kinds?

10) What are some British English slangs popular with people from the part of England you live in?

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What kind of yoga do you do mostly?