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Swedish-Butt-Whistle26 karma

So in other words she doesn’t care about anyone except herself.

Swedish-Butt-Whistle13 karma

Invest in Australian style licorice. You will wonder why you wasted so much time on Twizzlers.

Swedish-Butt-Whistle7 karma

You see this behavior in animals as well. I have a rescue cat who came from a very food insecure home, and even though I’ve had her for about seven years I still have to portion her food very strictly or she will eat an entire bowl of food meant to last all day in one sitting, until she throws up, every time.

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I know you love & have dogs. What is the most favorite dog (or pet in general) you ever had - past or current?

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Wait, so you only accept people you deem to be conventionally attractive enough? Proving to be D&D free is expected, but allowing membership based on appearance seems rather discriminatory.