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Can you make a game where you play as Rasputin and you have to balance politics with having a boner so large that sucks needed blood from your brain?

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Can you grow a beard? I've heard some natives are unable to grow beards and as someone who cannot grow one at all, I want to make myself feel better.

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Best of luck to you mate! Don't watch too much 90 Day or it'll rot your brain like sugar to a tooth.

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What the fuck were you thinking with this cover? http://time.com/3987059/in-the-latest-issue-41/

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Theres a woman on it who had aplastic aneima, I just wondered if it was as... debilitating as she made it seem. Its a reality show so she comes across as an awful person. Its tough to tell if she just uses it as an excuse to be a jerk.