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What exactly is Mr. Trash Wheel for those of us not in the Baltimore area?

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What's your third favorite color?

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As a non Arabic speaker I'm quite curious what you mean by standard Arabic not being used in every day communication. Is much of the arabic language country specific with differences so great that it makes communication noticeably difficult? Could you please elaborate on Standard Arabic and the dialects that are present around it that people actually use to communicate, or provide some links that could inform myself and other redditors?

Edit: After performing a bit of research and learning about the Arabic language and how it's a Pluricentric language with dialects much like the English langue and it's geopolitical differences, Would you call Standard Arabic a more formal variation of the language that would be used only in Holy/Formal documentation's and communication/writing?

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I saw you on shark tank, I loved your ideas and for maybe 20 minutes tried to copy your business... insert sheepish apology. it was one of the first Shark Tank episodes I saw and I inspired me to start my own website. I now have made contact with brilliant people all over the world and do what I love every day.

Thanks for a bit more confidence and inspiring my artistic talent a bit.

My question: What's your favorite color? Cat or Dog Person?

Serious Questions:

What's your next plan? What was it like seeing people actually buying your product? What's your favorite color?

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As a user, the coverage and service aren't terribly crappy. It's the companies themselves and how they effect policies, and politics here in the U.S. That's why T-Mobile, though not the strongest carrier is usually a more publicly liked carrier as they act less like your standard corporation than a "social-company".

A social company being a corporation that tries to relates to consumers, as in Google or Tumblr.

Edit: I have AT&T