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Do you believe Top Gun has gay overtones?

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why did you mention that you are female in the title? Does it change anything?

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If you only cherrypick the stuff from the religion that is according to your moral compass, don't you think it would make more sense to define a new term for people like you, to distance yourself from the fanatics?

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And at the same point I could, as many people do over and over again, literally quote the violent passages in the Quran. Then you could, like people did over and over again, quote violent passages in the Bible and how nobody calls Christians violent.

I am not a fan of circlejerks and I am more of a fan of constructive discussions were both parties try to find a common solution and not to outargue one another so I will say this:

The facts are that right now a lot misery and destruction is being caused by people using the exact same book for their "base moral" as you do. As a consequence the "world" is now afraid of people taking their ideology from this book. So if you want to convince people that it's balony the best way to do it is to rebrand yourself to clearly show the difference so everybody can see.

Look at it this way: I live in Germany. If I were to wear a swastika around everywhere and go like "well guys you know ACTUALLY it does not represent Nazi's but religions from the east etc etc" people would, rightfully, go: "Well yes that may be true, but you KNEW that people would think you are a nazi for branding yourself with that sign, and you willingly accepted it, which means you apparently have no problem being called a nazi, which again means that there must be some truth to it".

You see my point?

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When I for instance look up facebook. Is there any source to the information provided there?

I am not doubting it, but let's say I have to write a scientific paper and I need some datas, I am not sure how the credibility (again not by me but by Professors and so on) is valued.