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I think it's a damn good idea to trademark it. That way if someone uses his name they have control over it. Obviously they may try to make money from it as well, but at least they don't have to sit back and take someone making a negative movie or book or somesuch.

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Money Laundering Through A Casino NOTE: I do not endorse money laundering or fraud or cheating, I just hate disinformation and people sounding off about bullshit. I should probably not reddit.

Everyone here seems to think that money laundering is getting rid of dirty bills and picking up clean ones. Everyone's confused. Money laundering is an attempt to conceal the source of income either because it's illegally gained or to avoid taxation. Going to a casino - one of the most surveilled places in the world - and buying thousands of dollars of chips with money you can't explain the origin of is NOT going to accomplish that.

What that will do is create a record of the fact you had that money at that time and what you did with it. Makes 0 sense. Let's say that you buy in for a little and win a lot - OK, you can now account for that amount of your illegal income. But, yeah, that's actually gambling. Let's say you buy in big and cash out big - you're on record doing both. Helps you not at all. But there is an easy way to launder a ton of money in casino and it's actually really easy. All it takes is some big roller gambler and you to play poker together.

You give Mr. High Roller $50,000 (or $50,000,000) with the understanding that you're going to play poker together and he is going to lose. And he's going to lose big. You establish a signal for when you've got AA, for example, and sit where you can see each other. You bet other people out of the pot and get it all in and he pays you off. You leave with a big stack of chips minus Mr. High Roller's cut and are on camera getting paid off with your now clean, taxable income.

The thing is the only good part of this is that you now have video evidence of you getting this money legitimately. If you know someone who can buy in for that kind of money without raising suspicion then you could probably just launder the money in a more conventional manner, like through a restaurant. After food is eaten there's no evidence any of the ingredients ever even existed. Become the supplier of some expensive, non-existent ingredient for your friend's restaurant's most popular item. Hell, be the deliver guy for all his ingredients - he can pay you a legitimate paycheck and you do no work and just give him whatever the paycheck is +x% like Vincent Vega in Resevoir Dogs.

Again, I don't condone criminal enterprise and hope this information doesn't fall into the wrong hands but the fact of the matter is I'm not even a bad guy and I thought of this so I'm sure that any actual criminals who are smart enough to stay out of jail would have figured this sort of thing out by now and are probably even already doing it. If you think about it, Walter White could have used the poker method. I play a LOT of poker and can guarantee a ton of pro players would be happy to do it.

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As another published author:

  1. Rule one: There are no rules.

  2. Rule two: See rule one.

You have almost no control over whether your story, poem, book sells. Pure. Fucking. Luck. You can write the best story written this year and no one will buy. Or you can write 50 Shades and be a millionaire. Or you can write 50 Shades and be a penniless hobo. The only way you know you'll get sales is if a big name publisher buys your work and promotes the hell out of it and that is just n o t going to happen because who the fuck are you? You Dennis Rodman? No? You sleep with Dennis Rodman? No? Well then I have really bad news for you: Publishing is a business and the businessmen who are publishers want to buy books they can promote the hell out of and try to sell and one time in 20 those books will sell and pay for the 19 flops by the other famous people who had their autobiography ghostwritten by a celebrity author and still didn't sell.

If you're writing to sell you're either a copywriter or a salesman, not an author. You want to be an author you write to have written. You write the best stuff you can. And if you're very lucky and maybe even at all good at it then your reward may be some sales. Maybe even a ton of sales. But more likely someone will just like your writing. And if that's not good enough for you then stop writing because you're just going to be disappointed.

My book, for which I have received fan mail and other correspondence, has made me something like $1,500 over the past five years. Most of that in the first year. And it was totally worth it.

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What would stop a former inmate from returning, Tarantino-style, on a kill-crazy, bullets-and-blades, revenge rampage?

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I'm a publisher author myself, never tried self publishing on Amazon but I am very interested. I've worked for magazines and newspapers and websites and as agencies and I really, really want good amazon advice. Can we PM?