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To explain the relevance here - jungle kit is basically useless in the desert. The camo is green an brown, desert sand is tan and grey and khaki. Jungle kit is made to keep you dry in the humidity, cool by evaporation and let in the wind - horrible horrible for the desert which bakes by day and blows freezing many nights.

Carbines are low caliber, short range, weapons - good for when you need lots of ammo and can't see far. In the desert you want range and punch, I think in ww2 the lee enfield, garand and browning would have been regular issue for that duty.

Edit: I'm reading he would be using a .303 carbine which does indeed have a nice size bullet. Interestingly it wouldn't be difficult to retrofit that with a new barrel for greater prone accuracy BUT the carbine frame would then become front heavy and thereby create a higher parabellum arch requiring retraining at the range.

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As former security at Hustler in New Orleans, every single stripper I ever met except one - a lesbian - is a whore.

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Hey, gotta educate you here a leeeeetle bit:

  1. "Darwinian" evolution does not deal only with macro evolution. Sexual selection and genetics are clearly observable through our everyday life and the modern understanding of genetic heredity was actually created by a monk observing and experimenting upon vegetables!

  2. Evolution and the concept of an intelligent creator are not mutually exclusive. As a matter of fact I believe it was last year that the Catholic church officially stated that evolution was no longer an unproven theory but irrefutable.


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Poker is profitable because of the 'rake.'

To type or to link... oh, I feel long winded. The house takes either a percentage of every pot (typically 5 or 10%, often up to a limit say 10% up to $5) or $ every hour or half hour. Pot rake is much more popular by the players but also makes for slow games. Time rake is unpopular but induces action.

Also, in illegal games, it is very customary for the club to charge admission, "rental," and have players that collaborate and give a portion to the club.

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Ex Army here - why didn't you return to the USMC when you got back, or go full time reserve instead of drifting?

To be clear, I did not do either of those things, and I did do a bit of couch surfing until I got into a college and a dorm. But I think if I had nowhere else to be reenlisting with that bonus wouldn't be such a bad option.

Anyway, I am damn glad you got squared away and I hope you take care of yourself and others.