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Hi Julie, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. It's always appreciated when elected representatives make themselves available to the public and earnestly respond to questions.

You've had a number of...let's politely call them "fluff ups" in recent weeks and I'm wondering if you would address them. You recently claimed in defence of breaking the strike that Montreal dock workers had been striking for over 2.5 years, when they had in fact only been striking for 3 days by that point.

Similarly, you made this (now deleted) tweet in which you're seemingly mocking a constituent for asking you to address why the government is fighting Indigenous residential school survivors in court from receiving compensation.

How do you expect constituents to trust you when you're struggling to get even basic information correct? Do you frequently not inform yourself about government issues before speaking? What do you do to prepare and ensure you know what you're talking about? Have you made changes to that process since the above incidents? Would you be happy as a constituent if your elected representative struggled with these issues?

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There are times when I am responding too quickly and do not read things properly

This would be something worth correcting. Notably you don't seem to have indicated that any efforts to adjust have been made. I understand very well the role of staff and I would encourage you to utilize those resources before shouting off online. Your constituents deserve better than to endure mocking or incorrect comments only for you to backtrack and spin it differently later. Much better to just get it right in the first place, and your staff can make that happen.

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I'm less looking for an apology than an actual answer to the questions I asked, and I'm not asking them to be facetious either. Apologies are dime a dozen, I'm interested in knowing if she understands it's a recurring issue with her as an MP and if she's done anything to correct that, or finds it acceptable for an elected representative to be failing to just get the basics right.

It's possible she sees the issue very differently and believes she's doing an upstanding job, and if so, I want to know that.

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Ooof. This was almost a full week after the announcement 215 children were found in a mass grave at Kamloops Indian Residential School too. Just...tone deaf and then some?

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Seems that tweet has also been deleted, have a screenshot?