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Hello sir,

Something I've long wondered was what drives someone to being a pastor. Disclosure; I'm an atheist that grew up in a catholic family and don't keep up with scripture. I was under the impression that the Bible says to be fruitful and multiply. In an age where secondary nobility aren't forced into the church; what drives someone to decide to be an instructor on God's words instead of a practioner?

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Years ago the inventor of the Segway invented a wheelchair that could climb steps and curbs. I have never seen it being used by a paraplegic or quadriplegic person. My partial quadriplegic friend explained it is severely hampered by the sense of balance it requires it's users.

Given you use the suit with a walker or your physical therapist holding you, do you see this as truly beneficial to disabled individuals, or an interesting proof of concept where there needs to be more work?

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How is the sobriety going? I know that isn't directly related, but I saw your post in the past about it.