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Hey Todd!

Been a huge fan of your games since Oblivion. I've enjoyed every TES game back to Daggerfall, and Sank the entire last half of my childhood into Fallout 3. I've stayed up late on many nights preparing a long list of questions because I was so excited when this was announced, and spent a lot of time trimming them down from over 20 to 5 to not overwhelm you. Answering any of them would make my day!

  1. If I recall around Oblivion you made a comment you don't even code anymore. How has this changed your influence in directing games, and do you miss having a direct hand in development?

  2. Lore! What is your stance on retcons, and would you ever release a lore bible? There's a lot of fanon out there that fans confuse with canon, it would be helpful for us story writers and role players to have something more concrete; like a moon calendar for Khajiit breeds since the moons usually share a phase in game, or a detailed map including roads, minor towns, and topography. (Seriously, what IS the real shape and size of Tamriel? Is Nirn even a sphere?)

  3. Is the main quest of Skyrim more of a side quest to Elder Scrolls (The civil war being the main?) How many games have you written in advance?

  4. Do you keep the source files for all of your previous games? In Redguard, TES5 was labeled as Romanelli or something in the intro, and there was an oblivion PSP game that got cancelled, but on the loading screen, you can see an oblivion style map of High Rock and Hammerfell. Do you still have these files somewhere? Would you ever release the cut art assets?

  5. How DO you handle being the face of Bethesda? I couldn't handle it when some of the mean girls in high school didn't like me, I couldn't imagine having a large chunk of the internet jump onto a bandwagon sending hate my way, especially when their information is incorrect. What's your mental strategy?

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What about a TES movie? 👀