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20 years dialysis / kidney transplant guy in Australia here

It's important to understand that while OP's situation is not one that anyone would want to find themselves in, life on dialysis can be more than just the life of the living dead

I managed to father two children during one of my six year stints on dialysis between transplants, also managed to work and be an active father and husband and travel all over the place for work

OP you should consider peritoneal dialysis, it's much more gentle on the body and the fluid and diet restrictions aren't nearly as bad as when you're on haemodialysis (if I want a coffee or a beer, I just have one, don't worry too much about the fluid - some days I get 2.5 litres off via PD)

I did two six year stints on haemo, then when my second transplant failed I chose to do Peritoneal dialysis this time, been doing it for about two years and I have to say it shits all over haemo. No needles, no trips to the unit three times a week (I was actually doing four), just hook up, keep working, then unhook every four hours

You don't get the crappy post dialysis feeling either, because you're dialysing ALL THE TIME

I feel for you dude, but just know that there's one Aussie over here pulling for you, and wanting you to understand that there are options

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This is simply not the case where I'm from (Australia). Only a few are offered it as an option. I certainly wasn't until I kicked up a stink

Also to say that it on'y works for a few years is just wrong, and also irrelevant. Why not try it out if it's going to possibly give you a few years away from the dialysis unit?