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The RIAA is never going to understand that, because adjusting their business models to adapt to the internet era is change, and change is scary. It's much easier to just send lawyers after anyone not consuming music in RIAA-approved formats, and claim that people trying to get around that are evil pirates.

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This has probably been said a million times in this AMA, but a lot of Ramsay's "rudeness" was played up for American audiences. He comes off a lot more levelheaded in UK broadcasts.

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What do you do for an income? Is it possible to hold down a normal job with your amnesia, or do you get some sort of disability payment?

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They're a fad, just like the 8 million frozen yogurt(ie. ice cream pretending it's not ice cream) chains that sprung up all of a sudden.

Wait a few years and the pendulum will swing back to muffins and ice cream.

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They're not in every suburb, but it's a real problem as you look at newer and newer neighborhoods. The thing is that once an HOA is established, it's basically impossible to get rid of. There's no way for individual homeowners to secede once they've joined, and anyone buying from them is forced to join the HOA when they buy the house.

Some HOAs are decent, but it really depends on the people in them. And that sort of thing can change fast as people move into and out of the neighborhood.