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From his statements its clear that Trump is a fan of NASA, but I don't see a huge budget bump likely under a Trump presidency. I hope I'm wrong!

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If you age 0.014s less over one year in orbit, it would take about 11,200 years for the difference to be 2m37s

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Considering it'll cost $1,200,000 per kilogram, a print-out picture might be a bit expensive...

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Here's why: they didn't. There are no secret bases on the Moon...

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I'm late, but I'll ask anyway: is there any reason you can't get the probe closer to the sun? I'd imagine the heat shield is the best it can be, probably can't withstand much higher temperatures, but why not try to get closer anyway.

Will anything happen to make it physically impossible to get closer, like fuel running out, or aphelion dropping below Venus, etc?

After the primary mission is complete, any chance of an extended mission, and what could that possibly be?