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Better question is how does it feel to have a mother so dead set on this that she'd rather you die than be a "poster child of the pharmaceutical industry"?

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How would she know?

She's obviously aware he's been paid off, as have some percentage of her colleagues.

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That's an exceptionally stupid statement to make. I asked you a question directly based on your own.

If that's such an insult to you that your response is , you should probably not be hanging out on the internet.

Unless her job is to keep track of how much companies 'donate' to politicians, there's no reasonable way for her to answer your question. You know that of course, but I suspect that you're just looking for a reason to claim that since she didn't/couldn't answer your question it somehow calls into question the rest of her answers to other people.

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In the world of the internet, privacy is king, and companies like yours are the gatekeepers.

And the vast majority of those gatekeepers are failing miserably at protecting privacy. Not so surprising that people want to know where the funds come from, since we all know how strong arm governments have become.

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Come make me Mr. Tough internet guy.

Not only can I not answer your asinine question, she won't be able to either. Which again, there is very little chance you aren't aware of that fact. In no way would it be a requirement of her job to know how much he's been paid off by. If you honestly wanted that information submit a freedom of information act request.