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The lockdown was definitely the impetus behind really buckling down and taking the chance. We've been lifelong friends and gamers (our studio name is based off of super bouncing in Halo 2) and had always talked about making a studio and games together, and having so much more time stuck at home was the opportunity!

They are very different! As a programmer, definitely the biggest difference is iteration. PC games you can iterate right in the engine editor (we used unity). Mobile games you can do that, but still need to build to device to test everything. But for VR (we're targeting Quest specifically) you have to make the build, push it to the headset, put the headset on, move to an open area. It's a lot!

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Great question!

For unity tutorials Brackeys is a great source as well as unity's Learn Hub.

Those are probably the biggest ones, I'd recommend following through their starter tutorials and then improving upon them to learn how to build more stuff!

Feel free to message us after the AMA as well if you have any questions about game dev or programming, we'd be happy to help. The world can always use more games! :)

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We started it in the middle of the day on a thursday with no other active AMAs, looks like there's only one other live AMA right now. I think we just got lucky in the timing of having minimal other AMA competition as well as (hopefully) having an interesting topic as reddit loves video games. I've made sure to respond to every single question so people are probably also noticing it's a very active AMA or maybe they just want to support the little guy.


EDIT: oh also the display for downloads on the play store/app store lag behind at least a day on the actual numbers, we're currently in the low thousands in total across both stores!

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Definitely not every iteration! You predicted it perfectly, we built out the original MVP as PC only and only iterate with the headset when absolutely necessary. Unity handles the same and we created a tool to simulate VR interaction for our menus so we can mostly avoid it. However we've recently been working on getting the IK of the character models to work right in VR which requires us to test in the headset so it's been on my mind!

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Thanks so much for trying it out!

I wish! We licensed the music from a third party, but I agree they did an amazing job with it.

We've just always loved retro arcade aesthetics and thought it would be a great fit for a super simple arcade feeling game. Super happy to hear you liked the theme as well! :)