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Hi! I got you a couple of items off your wishlist and would also like to send you an Uber gift card as well. I believe I need an email to do so. Can you provide this? If not, instructions on how to send it will be great!

I guess I need to ask a question too. What’s the biggest narcissistic act you remember witnessing from your parent?

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No problem! I sent you a pm.

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/u/kgmoenguin Just speaking for myself and the clubs I've attended, there are rules you sign upon entering. One rule states no means no, and the clubs take this seriously. If approached by a man, and I respectfully decline, he is not to approach me a second time. If he does, a simple nod to the bouncer will have him removed from the premises. I have never had to do this myself, but I have seen it happen. Usually it's a bit of alcohol involved, as all the clubs I've been to are also BYOB. I've never seen aggression or a fight, but have seen men removed.